HANUS EQUITY LTD - Private equity funding for the funeral profession

As a private equity partner Hanus Equity can share in the risk and reward opportunity by investing directly in your business alongside the management team. It is a partnership based on shared objectives, and enhances a more focused and committed long term approach to business development.

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Equity Release,
Management Buy Outs
Growth Capital, Acquisitions


Funeral directors are renowned for putting their life’s work and savings into their businesses. For most there comes a time when they seek to realise some of that effort and investment. A typical equity release transaction would enable an owner to release some, most or all of that invested cash from the business.


Another common option to consider is a management buy-out where an individual and /or management team could take on an equity stake in the business. The existing owner may be in a position to release equity and allow either a partial or full management buy-out of the business venture.

Hanus Equity can assist with the realisation of transactions involving Equity Release, Management Buy-outs / Buy-ins, Growth Capital, Business Sales and Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions for the UK funeral profession.

For more information contact us for an initial consultation in confidence at 07791 618282 or by email at pete.t.oneill@gmail.com